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Copper Bowl Ranch Co-op volunteer testimonials.

Quote Cirecle 2


I’ve been involved with horses for as long as I can remember. All three of my families horses were adopted from MN Hooved Animal Rescue, my first mare was put down due to colic, my sisters old pony was put down to old age around 30 and then my heart horse Draco I had to return to the rescue due to a nasty custody battle. I made a promise to him to not get involved with horses until he passed.

I received the notification that it was an emergency decision and he was laid to rest March 21, 2021. Six months later a post for volunteers at this barn happened and I knew it was a sign. I came and met Prim and Syri and my first shift Dasher, Patriot and Brady were here on quarantine and Dashers looks and personality had me hooked. I felt a spark inside me that I hadn’t had in many years.

After a couple months he was taken to the barn with all the thoroughbreds and after two years later he made his way back home to Copper Bowl Ranch and it feels like I’m with an old friend every time I visit. I have no words to describe what this barn, the horses and the friends I have made mean to me.


After five years without my horse, I stumbled upon the Facebook post looking for volunteers. I was at a point in my life where I was lost and had no idea who I was anymore. I knew this place was something incredibly special when I visited. While I haven't completely figured out who I am, I found a big piece of me that was missing. The horses...and humans... have made a huge difference in my life when I needed it most.


I started volunteering with CBR after seeing Brooke's post about it. It's been over 20 years since I got involved with horses, and this opportunity has been a blessing.

Horses provide amazing therapy, and my 18-year-old daughter's mood improves significantly whenever she comes with me. I also bring my 8-year-old daughter, and she loves it too.

CBR has been a blessing for my family since we started in August. Thanks, Brooke!


My love for horses started young, but I never really had the opportunity to be around them much. My uncle had a few horses for hunting - we would ride them a little bit every summer. I was just so entranced by them. A few years ago my adult daughter started volunteering at Happy Dog Ranch in Denver, CO. She kept telling me stories of the horses and how amazing they were - how healing.

This summer I got to go visit the ranch with her. I was absolutely in awe of the horses and the feeling of peace that washed over me as I stood among them. Then I was blessed by the beautiful horse in the picture... his name was Mac. He just stood with me for a long time, putting his big head into my chest - breathing deeply right by my heart... it was like he was telling me that I was ok, that I was enough, that I was ok just the way I was.

The tears rolled down my face as I felt his warm breath and the strength of his presence. He had no idea how much my soul needed his love that day. I knew that I wanted to be a part of a place like that ranch... so here I am...seeking the amazing peace and love these beautiful animals can bring - wanting to love them back. Thank you for letting me join you.


I have been involved with horses since I was five years old. I decided to volunteer at CBR to help take care of the horses and meet new lifelong horse friends. I love making connections and sharing my love for horses. This photo shows how peaceful and therapeutic horses can be, almost like a little slice of heaven.