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Come enjoy Minnesota's premier equine retreat and wedding destination.




Welcome to Copper Bowl Ranch.

Minnesota's premier equine retreat and wedding destination.

Copper Bowl Ranch is a haven that invites you to reset, restore, and renew your spirit, no matter what state you are in. This unique horse property offers a beautiful, serene, and spiritual atmosphere that allows you to explore life, make it your own, and become a part of it.

Whether you're looking for personal or professional retreats, weddings, glamping, or equine volunteer activities within our co-op, Copper Bowl Ranch has everything you need to create unforgettable experiences.

Come enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this magical place and discover all that life has to offer.

Make connections.

Celebrate life.

Providing opportunities to connect with nature, horses and people.
Retreats, weddings or events give opportunity to celebrate life.
The beautiful surroundings at Copper Bowl Ranch draws you closer to nature and clears your mind.

Find clarity.

Nestled between two lakes, Copper Bowl Ranch boasts a serene landscape. The ranch is surrounded by majestic oak and maple trees that add to its beauty. During the warm summer months, the calls of loons can be heard as the sun sets behind the trees and the waters become calm and crisp.

The 80-acre equine farm offers four paddocks where rescue horses graze peacefully. The property reflects the spirit and heart of the owners, who aim to make guests feel welcome in a warm, friendly, and accessible environment. The buildings have a rustic warmth and are designed to create an inviting atmosphere.

Multiple areas have been created on the property for families, groups, or businesses to enjoy unique outdoor experiences that guests can create or make. The owners bring a diverse background of experience and entrepreneurship in successful businesses, which prepared them for the challenge of restoring and building a unique setting that can be enjoyed by all who visit.

The inspiration for the property comes from the owners' desire to share its beauty and peaceful setting with a mindset to welcome those who come with "arms wide open" and allow them to experience all that the property offers.

To do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8

Interavct with our horse herd and experience their beauty and intelligence.
Gather with friends around the copper bowl firepit.

The property. The vision. The life.

Copper Bowl Ranch is a fun destination full of charm, beauty and a touch of whimsy.

Located in beautiful Monticello, MN.

Copper Bowl Ranch is located in Monticello, Minnesota.

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Copper Bowl Ranch is located in Monticello, Minnesota which was founded in 1856. Nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River at the northern edge of Wright County, Monticello is a growing and progressive community located halfway between the Twin Cities and St. Cloud.  

The population is 13,429 with over 4,500 households. The name Monticello is derived from the Italian word for ‘Little Mountain,’ it translates literally to English as hillock or small hill. The name Monticello was chosen because the city is situated at the base of a little mountain.

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A wonderful place to find your peace. It's more about serenity and escaping. Go out and get comfortable around tremendous horses and you will feel your day to day worries dwindle as you connect with one of God's gentlest, beautiful animals ever created.

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