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Co-op barns offer various ways to care for the horses.

Equine Co-op at Copper Bowl Ranch.

The Copper Bowl Ranch Co-op was founded to provide a space where volunteers can help care for the horses and continue to enjoy the farm while borders can stay on the property. Co-op barns offer various ways to care for the horses, where all horse owners and volunteers are responsible for caring for the horses and doing the barn chores. This type of barn is an alternative to traditional boarding options for horse owners who do not have access to a barn and those who love working with horses but do not own them.

Our collective experiences and relationships over the past two years have led us to this moment.

The inspiration for the property comes from the owners' desire to share its beauty and peaceful setting.

From the owner.

- Deborah Kastner

Gary and I relocated to Copper Bowl Ranch in 2021. If someone had asked me a few years ago where I would be at this moment, I never would have imagined being here. Nevertheless, I feel blessed and grateful for this opportunity, the wonderful people I have met, and the breathtaking property surrounding me.

Each day brings new and exciting experiences that leave me amazed and grateful. I am in the company of a fantastic herd of horses, two adorable goats named Forest and Kai, two chickens named Esther and Ruth, an affectionate dog named Bruno, and several barn cats.

The Copper Bowl Equine Coop members have played a significant role in shaping this place. The relationships, learning opportunities, and the herd's care have all contributed to where we are today. I hold each one of them, dear, with a unique background and story, all contributing to the growth of this place.

To be a sanctuary with an atmosphere that inspires growth in horses and humans. Moving you forward.

The Copper Bowl Ranch mission.

Inspiring growth in horses and humans.
Horses are extraordinary creatures with remarkable strength, majesty, and emotional range.
Read the stories from our dedicated volunteers.
A group of dedicated volunteers who work together to take care of the horses.

The Members

The Herd

Volunteer Testimonials

Working together to make a difference.