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Dedicated member volunteers who work together to take care of the horses.

The members at Copper Bowl Ranch Co-op.

Copper Bowl Ranch is home to a group of dedicated member volunteers who work together to take care of the horses. Their responsibilities include feeding the horses with grains or hay, checking their water sources, and meeting their daily needs. These tasks are completed by teams of two to three volunteers during morning or evening feed shifts. In addition to these shifts, volunteers can also sign up for a third shift, known as "chuck the muck."

The relationships, experiences, and time spent together have transformed this community into something that everyone values and looks forward to. Our volunteers are the backbone of the community, keeping it together. Volunteering provides an opportunity to connect with the community and make a positive impact. Even small tasks can make a significant difference in the lives of people, animals, and organizations in need.

If you're interested in becoming a Co-op Member, please contact us for more information.


Hello, I’m Jennifer. I'm 54 years old, I live in Big Lake, and thankful to have found CBR in May 2022. Receiving the invitation to volunteer came at just the right time – I had said farewell to being a coach for an online fitness group and the very next day, the opportunity to use my free time - with horses - appeared.

Initially, I thought I would learn more about horses (a childhood love unrequited), and this happens every time I step foot on the peaceful property. But I also find I learn more about myself, which brings a sense of fulfillment in my life I've never experienced before.

I encourage others who find their path leading to CBR to open their hearts to the opportunities it holds.


I'm Lori, and I call Albertville my home. I've been a member of CBR since 2021. I have a bustling household with two kids and three step-kids, all teenagers.

Working from home has given me the flexibility to enjoy what I love most – the great outdoors. Fishing, hiking, boating, and horses are my go-to activities, and I relish every moment I can spend outside. Alongside my two vizslas, I explore nature's wonders. But what truly gets me is my passion for horses.

These majestic animals hold a special place in my heart. My confidence in horses and people has grown tremendously. The people at the ranch are now like family to me, and the horses are my passion.

The ranch has become my second home. Without a doubt, it has changed my life, and I will forever be grateful!


I started at CBR not knowing what I was getting into except for horses! And who doesn’t love horses! Little did I know that I was about to start writing a whole new story in life with a whole new purpose!

I came with little experience and background in the equine industry and I feel like with the support of my CBR family I have grown and taken in every opportunity I have had placed in front of me and just ran with it!

CBR is my place where I can just be me, and I don’t feel fearful of any judgement! It’s my place full of happiness, love, and learning! CBR is my second home and always welcomes me with open arms but always has a lesson for me to take away with every visit


The first time I stepped foot onto CBR, I felt the Ranch was a magical place. I attended their open house in April of 2022, and from then on, my life has been forever changed.

I had horses as a kid and always dreamed of having them again, but I never thought it was possible. That day, I met a very handsome buckskin named Dakota, and he stole my heart at first sight. He was a little rough around the edges, but he had a huge heart.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time together due to his severe navicular syndrome. Dakota is now running free. He will forever be in my heart.

CBR is the perfect place for us to be; it’s my home away from home. CBR made my dream of owning horses again come true, and I also gained a loving community, and we have become family.


I have been a part of Copper Bowl Ranch since November 2022. My husband and I moved to Big Lake in 2019 and unfortunately, in October 2020, we lost my childhood horse.

I had been longing to be a part of the equine community and found Copper Bowl Ranch while searching for equine volunteer opportunities nearby.I have always had a passion for horses and began taking riding lessons at a young age at Wild River Stables. When I was 12, we later purchased my childhood dream horse, Cinnamon. I grew up learning all things about horses and life alongside her. Being a part of CBR has given me so much more than I ever could have imagined.

I met Mary the day she arrived at CBR and immediately felt a connection to her. I began working with her and thought I was breaking down her walls, only to realize that she was breaking mine. I officially adopted her in the summer of 2023 to give her a safe and beautiful home to retire in, filled with all of the peace, love, and care that CBR provides.

We feel so blessed to be a part of this ranch, this herd, and this strong family!


Being at this ranch with this horse and these people has given me a renewed sense of purpose and happiness.


I have always felt a strong attraction towards horses, ever since I was a child. Getting close to them at CBR fills me with peace, passion, and joy. But I appreciate even more the friendships I have formed there, which I didn't know I was missing.

Freckles, in particular, holds a special place in my heart. During my teaching days, I was always drawn to misunderstood underdogs. I loved seeing the light come on and the walls come down in difficult students. Freckles was no different from those students. Spending time with him over the past year and a half has reminded me that we should not judge others or underestimate their abilities. We need to give them an opportunity and keep an open mind to let them show us what they are capable of.

It was an honor to break down his tough exterior and be allowed into his bubble. I am grateful to my son for repeatedly urging me to apply for a volunteering position at CBR over two years ago. CBR has been a rare blessing, and I will cherish it forever.


Last year at this time, I had very little knowledge about horses. Jen shared her passion for waking up early and feeding a herd of horses, even in the middle of winter, for free.

In December, I visited CBR with her, and as soon as I entered the barn, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I knew I was missing out on something incredible. This photo is from my first shift, where I met Lady B. It was a freezing January morning, but the experience was awesome.

I have learned a lot about horses and myself since then. It's amazing to be welcomed into a community like this, even as the only “dude”.


Throughout my life, I have struggled to calm the storm in my head and heart. As someone who feels more empathy towards animals, it can be challenging to navigate a world where so many of them suffer alone. It's a hard reality to grasp.

After seeing a Facebook post, I showed up to tour the Ranch without any knowledge of how to interact with a horse or even feed them. But I will never regret the day I followed their lead and stepped into the paddock. Horses give me a sense of grounding that I rarely feel. And then came the humans - friendship, connection, and support.

CBR is a place that feels like it was sent from above. It's hard to put into words just how special it is, but the tears rolling down my face remind me of its incredible importance. I miss everyone and CBR fiercely.


This is a story about Misty, a lovable horse that had difficulties with her back legs and feet before crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Despite her challenges, she was always gentle and enjoyed doing horse-related activities. I could relate to her because I too have joint problems that I try to hide. Misty taught me that all creatures face some kind of struggle, but what matters is focusing on what we can do.

I discovered CBR when I wanted to be around horses again. I learned something new every day and discovered things about horses that I never knew before. I also confronted my old beliefs and learned to appreciate that my body is still capable of physical labor.

I met some amazing people who made me more open, and I was in awe of the beauty of Deb and Gary's property and their vision. I feel incredibly lucky to have had this experience.


CBR came into my life unexpectedly and has had a profound impact on me. The horses, the people, and this place have taught me a great deal about myself and others.

Chancey, in particular, has forever changed my life. I never imagined that I would be working alongside horses and caring for them so closely. Some horses have left a lasting impact on me, from the moment they arrived at the property to the moment they crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

At CBR, I have found another family, and I will always be grateful for the relationships and memories that I have gained here.